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Ipswich people wait in Brisbane Street for the results of the Federation .
Ipswich people wait in Brisbane Street for the result of the Federation Referendum 1899.

Federation through the pages of The Queensland Times...

One hundred years ago, Ipswich people were discussing Federation. Their main source of information - and a major forum to air their opinions - was through the pages of the local newspaper, The Queensland Times.

A local research team has now examined microfilm of early copies of The Queensland Times to collect material relating to Federation. The project also recorded the major events in Ipswich history. These events formed the character of the city and developed a growing sense of national identity.

The project was carried out by Ipswich Library and Information Service with the cooperation of The Queensland Times newspaper. Funding assistance was received from the Centenary of Federation Queensland Community Assistance Program.


The Ipswich Library & Information Service would like to thank the following groups and organisations for their support and assistance during the development of this Federation project:

  • Ipswich City Council
  • The Queensland Times newspaper
  • St. Mary's College - staff and students
  • The University of Queensland - Ipswich campus
  • Site developers - www.cibis.com.au
  • The Virtual Workshops
  • Centenary of Federation Queensland - Queensland community Assistance Program

Special thanks to:

  • members of the Ipswich community who donated photos and archival material from their own collections;
  • the volunteers who spent many hours looking through newspapers microfilms to find the articles and images used throughout the site.


The specific outcomes of the project are:

  • a web page
  • a CD-ROM produced in late March 2001
  • a special Federation newspaper published as a supplement to The Queensland Times in late March
  • a social history wall mural for the Library's Local History Room

Selected material relating to local events 1864-1901 has been filed in the Library's local history room for future reference by students and the general public.

Through this project, the community has built a more comprehensive understanding of Ipswich's place in the wider sweep of Australian history.