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Commencement of Railway Line from Ipswich
THE QUEENSLAND TIMES - February 2, 1864

The line will commence in Ipswich, the terminus being on the land of which the greater part is now built upon, lying between the lower portions of Nicholas and Ellenborough-streets.

The Bremer will be crossed, close to the Ferry, by a wrought iron girder bridge, in three
spans of 150 feet each, the height of the roadway from the bed of the river being about ninety feet. Passing over to North Ipswich, the railway will run parallel to the Bremer for some two miles and a half, crossing in its course Wide Gully, Miln Creek and Iron Pot Creek, upon bridges the centre spans of which are to be of wrought iron lattice girders, and the respective lengths of which will be 265 feet, 260 feet, and 402 feet, and the height of roadway from the beds of the streams varying from 45 feet to 65 feet. In no case will the roadway be less than ten feet above the level of the flood of February, 1863.

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