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1864   Commencement of railway line from Ipswich
The more the subject is investigated, the stronger the conclusion is brought out that at no distant period railways will constitute the chief means of communication with, and throughout, the interior.
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1891   Ipswich Holds Eight-Hour Day on May for the first time,
To-day, for the first time in the history of Ipswich, the eight-hour movement will be celebrated, locally, with all the pomp and ceremony that of recent years has been the very generally approved concomitant of the event throughout Australia.
1892   newspaper articleOriginal Aboriginal Settlement
at Deebing Creek
Being a nice secluded spot, removed some distance from the public thoroughfares, with the stately eucalypti surrounding it on all sides, the business of the settlement can be carried on freely without fear of interruption.
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1893   Floods in February
There is no need, now, for anyone to solicit from old residents reminiscences of the heaviest floods that have visited Ipswich, for the deluge from which the town is at present suffering eclipses, beyond all measure, anything of a similar nature that has previously been experienced.
1894   The manufacturing of towels, for the first time in Australia, has been carried out by the Queensland Cotton Company

Two honey-comb unbleached bath towels, to which is attached a card bearing the words "The first towels made in Australia," are at present on view in the main window of Messrs. Cribb and Foote's drapery establishment in Brisbane-street.
1895   Typhoid in Ellenborough Street
The old water reserve has been turned topsy-turvey, just at what is know to be fever season of the year.
1897   Gatton Agriculture College open
If we wish to hold our own as producing competitors, farming must be conducted as a systematic business by those who engage in it. The distribution of college-taught boys throughout the colony should promote this object.
1898   Booval Brewery-"increased demand for celebrated beer"
If the demand grows as prospects seem to indicate, a still further enlargement of the Booval Brewery will be necessary. At any rate, the beer sells well and is highly spoken of by those who are qualified to judge.
1899   1899Ipswich Votes "NO"
We consistently opposed the Bill because we believed, and still believe, that its adoption at the present stage of the Colony's development would disastrously affect the producing and manufacturing industries of West Moreton.
1901   1901A "Right About Face"
From Those Who Voted "YES"

To us who opposed Federation while it was yet time the opposition now, when it is no longer time, of people who were then ardent federalists, the "right-about face" cannot be other than edifying.